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Different Types of Better Identity theft Programs In The Market – 100% Legit


Which one can better guard you against identity theft Lifelock or Identity Guard?

Previously, identify theft was merely a theme seen in science fiction movies. Today, it is a pressing problem, which has resulted in many losing their money and facing other financial mishaps. Hence, protecting yourself from such incidences is the need of the hour.

There are two prominent identity theft protection companies that people talk about in various scenarios. These include:

路        Identity Guard

路        Lifelock

However, how do you know which among the two is a better choice? What do you think are the perks and the downsides of using each of the services?

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1.     Identity Guard

With the ability to constantly monitor your account and all financial activities, Identity Guard offers comprehensive identity security. All of its plans come with a Dark Web monitoring facility, safe browsing tools, reports on risk management, as well as a mobile app with anti-phishing capabilities. Listed below are the details of the individual plans and their monthly pricing.

Value: $7.5

Total: $16.67

Premier: $20.83


路        The company offers separate family-based plans that help in monitoring and protecting every family member鈥檚 data while saving a lot of money.

路        Based on your budget, it is even possible to choose an insurance coverage of up to $1 million for identity theft-related losses.

路        It also offers you with the most affordable pricing in identity protection plans. Hence, you get to choose better features for the same budget as what most other companies in the market have to offer.


路        The package that includes the generation of credit reports is expensive. However, you cannot gain anything that is of high value without first investing in it.

路        There are no free trials with Identity Guard, unlike the ones offered by most other identity protection companies. For instance, with Lifelock, you get a 60-day money-back promise if you choose an annual membership.

2.     Lifelock

From detecting phishing activities to alerting the users about vulnerabilities, Lifelock services go a long way in identity protection. It works with Norton Security for five devices or more. Following are the plans, features, and the respective pricings per month.

路        LifeLock STANDARD 鈥 $9.99

路        NEW Norton 360 with LifeLock SELECT- $9.99

路        NEW Norton 360 with LifeLock ADVANTAGE- $19.99

路        NEW Norton 360 with LifeLock ULTIMATE PLUS-$29.99

All the plans offer standard identity protection and alerts for SSN. The Credit Monitoring feature is available for 1-bureau and the Ultimate Plus alone for 3-bureau. The Norton Security integrated plans also offer device protection and VPN. The Advantage plan additionally provides alerts for all activities on your credit and debit cards. If any crime occurs using your stolen identity, then you will be notified immediately. The Ultimate Plus plan also offers access to credit scores, 3-bureau credit reports, and a 401(k)-investment plan.

Pros of Identity Theft Programs

路        You will receive timely notifications on your registered mobile number and e-mail id on detection of fraudulent activities.

路        It makes it convenient for you to use public Wi-Fi by providing VPN.

路        While choosing a plan, it is also possible for you to choose the fund theft coverage option. This will help you to claim and receive compensations for stolen funds.

路        It also houses a highly responsive Customer Service Team.

Cons of Identity Theft Programs

路        The plan is quite expensive for monitoring multiple bureaus for credit tracking.

路        Even the basic plan on Lifelock is more expensive than the one offered by Identity Guard.

We hope you had fun reading everything about different types of identity theft programs in the market. Head over to our different sections to go over different topics and categories which might entice you.

If there is anything you would like us to add please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime of the day. We will try to answer everyone as fast we can.



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