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How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell In Your House – 100% Working


How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell In Your House


Bad odor can instantly kill the looks of even the most good looking and well-maintained homes. Also if you have spent thousands of dollars to get the interior decoration of your home done by an expert, lingering unpleasant odors can mar the ambiance. This is one main reason why the home fragrance industry is thriving. There are reed diffusers, electrical essential oil diffusers, air purifiers, scented candles, room freshening sprays, and so much more. 

While most of these products work for a normal room, these might prove futile in a place where there is the smell of smoke. The hazards of passive smoking come out of the fact that the smell of cigarettes can be hard to eliminate. The problem here is because there are tiny particles suspended in the air. There are particles of smoke that cling on to your clothes. When someone has smoked inside the house, the furnishings like curtains, sofa upholstery, cushions, and even carpets can all trap the odor. This worsens the situation. If you have guests coming over or even otherwise if you are genuinely worried about the difficulty in removing or reduce smoke smell, then fear not! We bring you a list of the most reliable, tried, and tested methods of eliminating the smoke smell from the house. Day after day, the problem intensifies. The more you delay addressing the issue of removing the odor, the more robust is it going to be. 

Do you know why the smell of smoke remains long after smoking?

Even in a well-ventilated room, the air circulation is not as adequate as it is out in the open. Besides this, there are plenty of surfaces that can trap the particles from the smoke. Even if there is very little furnishing, the surface of furniture and even the walls can eventually catch the smell. This is because of the invisible residues of tar and resin from smoke that get deposited on these surfaces. Any porous material in the room is prone to accumulate the smell and should be an area of concern. This smell, if not removed at once, can last for days or months. You sometimes get used to the smell, and it becomes hard to distinguish. However, for the guests that visit your home, it might be a big turn off. 

Sometimes the situation could be such that you are buying a house- you happen to like everything about it, but there is a strong smoke smell letting out bad vibes. Even in such situations, the following tips can be useful. The other main situation where you would find some of these tips to be handy is when you are staying at a hotel, and the room is suffocating with smoke smell. 


So, are you ready to expel the smoke smell once and for all and create a pleasant smelling welcoming home?

To begin with, your focus should be on stopping the situation from getting worse. Have a separate smoking room or take it outside. This would prevent the condition from aggravating. Ensure that you store your cigarettes and ashtrays in closed cabinets, away from the living room and bedroom where you do not want the odor to be bothering those at home. Open the windows for as long as possible. 

1. Wash all those that can be washed

Curtains, cushion covers, look around the room for all types of furnishings that can be washed. Separate those that can be tossed in the washing machine. Use vinegar during your wash cycle to improve the effectiveness of the wash. You can also add a nice smelling fabric conditioner if the fabric of the furnishings allows it. This is the only way to remove the odor than simply masking it permanently. One tip to remember here is to use a cold wash cycle instead of hot or warm. Warm water ends up worsening the smell most of the time. Once your laundry is dry and ready to be used, stow it away in a separate room until the deodorizing process is complete for the room. 

2. Vinegar and baking soda to the rescue

For those fabrics that cannot be moved or the ones that cannot be washed in the washing machine, you can use vinegar or baking soda or a combination of both as required. This is a useful way to remove odor from sofa upholstery as well as bulky carpets that you cannot wash. Than washing itself, getting them to dry might be the other major issue. If you have a leather sofa or recliner in the room, a wet cloth dipped in vinegar can be used to wipe away the smell along with any residues of the smoke. If you have a fabric sofa, then you can use baking soda. This ingredient is also useful for carpets. If it is a small area rug or a small carpet in the picture, you can get it dry cleaned. For carpeted floors as well as fabric sofas, sprinkling a lavish spread of baking soda can help. Use a mildly abrasive brush to scrub the surface without damaging the fabric gently. Let the baking soda sit for an hour or more. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the baking soda thoroughly. The good news is that some types of stains can also be lifted off the fabric with baking soda. After doing this, you can also keep small dishes with baking soda in different corners of the room. This can act as a natural odor remover. Unlike most of the chemical cleaners or odor removers, vinegar and baking soda do not damage the fabric or even affect the color or finish. These are also safe to use. You might have to repeat application of baking soda if there are still mild traces of smell in the room.

Smoke Smell

Smoke Smell


3. Treat the walls 

If you have a waterproof paint or some type of wall treatment that would not be damaged by moisture you can spray vinegar on to the walls. Use a damp cloth to wipe it away. Remember to use diluted vinegar to be on the safer side. If your budget permits, adding a fresh coat of paint can be the most effective way to address the problem. This might also be necessary when you are selling a house or buying one with the smoke smell in it. For rented apartments, you might have to skip this step and work with the other replaceable furnishings and furniture instead. 

4. Focus on every nook and corner of the room

From the cabinets to shelves and décor pieces in the room, every tiny little object should be given a thorough scrub if you need significant results. 

Technology put to good use

If none of these methods work, or if you want something less cumbersome, you can resort to the use of specially designed appliances used for air quality enhancement. The ozone generator and air purifier are the two devices that can effectively remove smoke smell. 

5. Ozone generator

Using an ozone generator to remove the smoke smell is like scrubbing the indoor air and cleansing it. These are devices that can generate ozone, known to be the most powerful oxidizer. The concept is more or less similar to the ozone treatment that you find in refrigerators to nullify the odors. These are available in different budget ranges, and therefore it is easy to buy one for your home.

6. Air purifier

These are devices that are known to remove and filter out tiny dust particles, allergens, and pathogens from indoor air. These can also be very effective against unpleasant odors in the room. For strong odors like that of cigarette smoke, you need air purifiers with HEPA filters. These are high-efficiency particulate air filters. For those with breathing troubles, ozone treatment might not be a suitable choice. This is said to cause lung irritation in some. In such cases, an air purifier might be a safer and more effective alternative to consider. 

A few natural odors removing ingredients you can use around the house- 

· Coffee grounds

· Charcoal

· Baking soda

· Cotton balls dipped in essential oils of your choice

These are a few things that you can place in a bowl in a room where you want to remove the odor naturally. You can leave them in the room as a preventive measure to remove any unpleasant odor. 

All of these methods are intended for removing the odor. Prevention is always easier. Once you are done deep cleaning, the room makes sure that you do not smoke or allow anyone else to smoke inside the house. Invisible particles from the cigarette smoke can exist the room and on your belongings longer than you can imagine. Such levels of tedious cleaning cannot be done on a daily basis. These are safe ways to remove smoke without causing any side effects like those that occur when you use harsh deodorizers. Air fresheners cannot help in the case of smoke smell because they simply mask the odor. Sometimes they mix up with the smoke smell and make it feel even more unpleasant. 



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